At our website, you can find someone in Europe who is looking for a ride, or find an extra seat in a someone else's vehicle. Whichever option you choose all travellers share in the transportation costs , which means less money out of your pocket travelling to and from your destination.

Our service is perfectly set-up for those individuals who travel unconventionally throughout Europe and who enjoy getting-to-know nice people. Tourists are able to use our service within their own budget limits. Our goal is to give travellers the opportunity to travel the cheapest way possible with maximum independence, flexibility, and the added opportunity of meeting fellow travellers with the same interests.

Some Sample Prices:
Berlin - Prague:
Cracow- Budapest:
Barcelona - Nice:
Paris - Amsterdam:
6 - 17 eur
5 - 10 eur
11 - 33 eur
8 - 25 eur

Registration of IP numbers, verification of personal data, and the user rating system (similar to e-bay) prominently increase the safety of your journey.

The Advert Lists of departure cities and destination cities can help you find your partner for your journey.

Registration on our website only takes 30 seconds.

Detailed help is available to help you along.

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