42 countries, 17 languages and over 300 departures and destinations mark the proud balance of our European wide carpooling website. First time on this page? Click here.
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Our carpool service is perfectly set-up for those individuals who travel unconventionally throughout Europe and who enjoy getting-to-know nice people. Tourists are able to use our service within their own budget limits while experiencing the European way of travelling. Alongside this money-saving service, a trip with the “e-carpool Network” also offers European wide contacts to fellow open-minded individuals, increasing the chances of a pleasant conversation, which have the added value of speeding up a long trip.

Ridesharing Made Easy With E-Carpool.eu
Besides making use of the capacity of a car is quite important nowadays. Less consumption of oil can reduce common pollution, global warming, emissions of greenhouse gases and save considerable expenses from gasoline, oil, tires, auto depreciation, tolls, parking and in some cases insurance. Carpooling can also reduce time spent on the road, because carpools can use High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes. If an HOV lane is available, trips may take less time. It is fairly flexible, passengers can use their time better and they can share driving responsibilities.

Through this European-wide carpooling website, anybody can find partners for ridesharing, either passenger or driver. Users have the option of a multilingual “Search Menu” which allows them to locate drivers and/or passengers. This multilingual feature includes most of the European languages. "Our goal is to give travellers the opportunity to travel the cheapest way possible with maximum independence, flexibility, and the added opportunity of meeting fellow travellers with the same interests." – can be read at the website.

Registration of IP numbers, verification of personal data, and the user rating system (similar to the one used by e-bay) prominently increase safety and privacy. There are several kind of lists which can help to seek the information easier: destination cities, departure cities, upcoming offers and so on. More advantages of the website that users can add their cities into the system and the system recognizes cities which users travel through and adds regional adverts accordingly. There is also a price calculator in the menu in order to help calculate the fare.